Immediate Needs:

Please note: Our warehouse is currently full. We cannot accept furniture donations at this time. Thank you!

Fred Meyer and Safeway $10 and $20 gift cards for gas - Parents need these cards for getting to work, job interviews, doctor appointments, grocery shopping and taking their children to school and daycare.

OrcaCard - This card can be used for all transportation needs in Puget Sound. The card itself is $5, then can be loaded between $20 to $40 for use.  To purchase, click here

Immediate Needs:
Tea pots
Full size blankets and comforters
New standard size pillows
Pillow protectors
Sets of drinking glasses (6 or more in a set)
Tall kitchen trash cans
Entry floor mats
Kitchen scissors
Hand held can openers
Large cooking pots
Shower curtains, liners and rings
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Hand soap - dispenser style
Toddler bed size sheets

WELCOME BASKETS -- These are baskets filled with necessary cleaning and toiletry items given to a family when they move in. Please contact us for the specific list of what is to be included.

Please see our full list of items we currently need below:

Ongoing Items Needed:

The family apartments are 100% furnished through your donations! 

Home Furnishings

Misc. Items
brooms and mops (or Swiffers)
used cars in good working condition
    (no gas guzzlers, please)

Kitchen items
measuring spoons
kitchen scissors
sauce pans
cooking utensils
pyrex baking dishes
measuring cups
Garden Tools
plug in power drill

Bed and Bath Items  
full size blankets and comforters

Gift Cards
$10 or $20 values only, please:
Gas cards
Fred Meyer

To contact us about a specific need, call 425-432-2119, ext. 113 or email Jo Clark at:

View the Salvation Army Valuation Guide for Donations