Homeless Family Becomes Stable

Rolande and her four kids had been living in a cold storage unit with no electricity for months. The stress of homelessness was taking its toll on everyone. The kids were falling behind in school. Rolande was in a constant state of stress. She worried all the time.

But then Rolande reached out to Vine Maple Place. The same day Rolande called, she and her kids were provided emergency housing.

But Roland assumed she’d never find a job. She didn't think anyone would want to hire her. But the job coaching she received slowly built up her confidence. Rolande worked on her resume and practiced interviewing with the help of volunteer coaches. 

After her hard work, Rolande found a job that pays enough to support her family.

While their mother was putting her life back together, the kids began coming to the children’s program every week. The tutors and counselors helped them heal emotionally and catch up in school.

Today, Rolande and all her kids are doing well. Rolande has her own house and provides for the family through her job. The kids continue to come to the children’s program and do well in school. After going through the darkest of times, Rolande and her family now have so much hope for their future.