HelpĀ solve homelessness in our community one moment at a time
Volunteer Opportunities
Please fill our our
Volunteer Interest Form or contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 425-432-2119 x104, or lauram@vinemapleplace.org
Ambassador - One of the most important short-term volunteer roles you can do is serve as an Ambassador on behalf of the families at VMP. An Ambassador shares their passion for the mission and the work of Vine Maple Place with their network of family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. To be an Ambassador you must attend a Vision of Hope tour and then invite 10 or more guests to a Vision of Hope tour that you personally host. If you are interested in this vital role, please contact Julia at juliap@vinemapleplace.org or 425-432-2119, ext 117.

  • SIGN UP HERE to bring in food for moms and kids
  • Children's Program Volunteers
  • Teen Program Volunteers
  • Emergency Shelter Unit Cleaners
  • Front Desk Volunteers

Do you want to work directly with families?
These positions require some level of experience, and a placement screening will need to be scheduled. A background check will also be required (if over 18 years of age).

CHILD RESOURCE TIME (Minimum age is 16)

Do you have a passion for loving children who need care and comfort? Dedicated volunteers assist in providing trauma informed programs for children while their parent attends classes. Training is provided. Offered three times per week:

  • Tuesday mornings 10:00am-1:00pm 
  • Thursday mornings 10:00am-1:00pm 
  • Thursday evening KidZone 5:30pm-7:30pm 
If you are unable to commit each week, consider being placed on our "backup" list when volunteers are unable to come in.

Tutors - Generally Monday, Wednesday or Thursday Afternoons during school year - One hour sessions each week
Many kids in our program are behind academically. Tutors help students gain confidence and improve in school. Typically for all grade levels and all subjects.

SolidKidz Program - Tuesday evenings, 5:30pm to 7:45pm 
Tuesday nights are the highlight of the week for many of the kids. Volunteers help children learn key self-regulation and life skills through age appropriate, Biblically inspired activities, group games, artistic expression and quiet time. Training is provided.

ADULT EMPLOYMENT & FINANCIAL - Tuesday or Thursday mornings, 10am to 1pm; or Thursday 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Employment Coaches - Good with résumés and job interviews? Volunteers assist clients with job searching, providing feedback on résumés or cover letters and conducting mock interviews. Volunteer should be motivating, flexible, have excellent communication skills, moderate computer skills and enjoy working in small group settings.
Employment Admin -- Help research job opportunities and educational opportunities
Wardrobe Stylist -- Assist with clothing for that important interview or new job

Financial Coaches - Finance and Excel savvy? Volunteers train clients on how to Build a Budget and Manage Your Money.  The ideal volunteer in this role is comfortable teaching small groups (3-8 clients), or one-on-one. Standard curriculum and training are provided.  

Training Admin -- Help out with some data entry, filing, printing and special projects

Transportation Drivers 
Transportation can be a real challenge for the families. Adult drivers transport Moms and kids to and from classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, both daytime and evening on an as needed basis. (Background check + driving record check required)

These positions are for those behind-the-scenes volunteers, or for those whose schedules require flexibility. In some cases, a full screening and background check will be required.  

Volunteers would help set up for class times, plus prep food service area

Moving & Facilities Helper 
If you are more of a behind the scenes type of volunteer, are handy and strong, our Maintenance staff could use some extra hands to helpout with moving furniture, plus just odd jobs that come up.  These activities take place mostly during weekdays.  

Garden Enthusiasts! 
Families feel valued when they see well-tended grounds around Vine Maple Place. Volunteers with knowledge of maintaining plants and shrubs (pruning, dividing, etc.) are needed starting Early Spring to Late Fall; 2-3 hours per week. 

Admin / Office Projects & Mailings - On an as needed basis
Occassional help with front office work, special projects or mailings are needed. You can be put on a list to contact when these needs arise. 

Warehouse Organizer 
Our community has been so generous in donating items for our families that we are bursting at the seams! If you are an organizer, then we could use your help in sorting and organizing these items so they'll be ready for the next family in need. Warehouse help is needed Wednesday mornings starting at 10:00am and scheduled on a weekly rotation.

Emergency Shelther Unit Cleaners - On an as needed basis; generally scheduled on weekdays 
When a family moves out, the cleaning team moves in to clean and set up the apartment so another homeless family can have a safe place to stay. Cleaning supplies are provided.


July Food - A valuable service for the moms and kids is providing meals when they are attending classes. We have several days and times available this month for this important and caring support for our families. Food items like fruit, cheese & crackers, sandwiches, etc. Food must be store bought, or prepared in commercial kitchen. Click here to sign up.

Care Closet - The Care Closet provides basic toiletry needs for VMP families.  Any quantity of items on the list will help families maintain good hygiene and reduce their budget. Click here for a complete list of Care Closet items.  

Welcome Baskets These baskets are provided to families when they move in and include all the necessary cleaning and toiletry items, all placed in a laundry basket. Click here for a complete list of Welcome Basket items. 

Meals In A Bag - All the makings of a home cooked meal are provided in a bag with the recipe attached to the outside. These meals assist families in stretching their food budget as they work towards self-sufficiency. For complete instructions and list of items needed, please click here.  

Teen Care Kits - Often kids enter the program without any personal care items. The kits provide for their basic hygiene needs, all in a handy ziploc baggie. For complete instructions and list of items needed, please contact click here

Volunteer Info

Volunteering at Vine Maple Place helps solve homelessness in our community one moment at a time. We have a variety of opportunities available. Whether you are looking for a single opportunity, a once a month or on call commitment, or consistent weekly involvement, we'd love to meet with you to find your place with us. We encourage you to 
attend a Vision of Hope first to find out more information about us and to get an idea how your skills, interests and passions may fit best with us. See some of the ways you can help below. We look forward to hearing from you!