From Homeless to Safety

After fleeing a terrible life of abuse and neglect, Laura had nowhere to go.

Every night was a desperate search to find a safe place to sleep. If Laura could not find space in a shelter, or on a friend’s couch, she was forced to sleep in her run-down car with her little children—Annie, and David. They were cold, hungry, and scared. Laura was exhausted and hopeless. She thought their nightmare would never end. 


After fleeing an abusive life, Laura can now safely tuck her children into their own beds every night

But, Then, everything changed for Laura and her kids. They got housing through Vine Maple Place when they needed it. Feelings of hopelessness and fear lingered but Laura got the counseling and guidance she needed to start looking for a job—and she found one! Then Laura and her kids moved out of emergency shelter and into their own off-site apartment. Laura is so excited she can tuck each of her kids into their own beds at night!