Mother and Daughter Escape Abuse

Sandra escaped a violent relationship with her little daughter Mia into a cold, dark garage. It was damp. There was mildew and mold. And when the homeowner turned off the heat to the garage, Sandra had to move into her car with Mia.


A car is no home for an adult, but much less a two-year-old! Sandra was hopeless. She said that her life felt like a “deep, dark pit” she would never climb out of. She was scared and worried for Mia – was she warm enough? When would she cry from hunger again?

Sandra risked homelessness to rescue her daughter from a dangerous situation


After working with a Housing Specialist Vine Maple Place, Sandra and Mia are in their own home! A home with a lock on the door and beds to sleep in. Then, Mia was accepted into a special daycare for children who have suffered through domestic violence. This enabled Sandra to finally start the work she needed to do, knowing her daughter is safe and healing.

Thanks to Sandra’s determination and hard work, both she and Mia have access to all the resources they need to heal and begin a new chapter—specialized counseling, job preparation, group activities and more.